Prioritizing to get price

When sales are few, it's hard to use specific comparables to arrive at a sales price for a home. Any agent who tells you what a home will sell for is only trying to lure you into their trap. No one has a crystal ball to be able to tell you what you home will sell for.

What a great agent can do is know the market, be in the market representing both Sellers and Buyers, and have experience from both sides to help advise you on the best way to get to success.

Using money wisely to prepare the home for optimal results is key to getting returns.

To take these three before images to the three after images just below them did not take a lot of money. It took knowing what the market wants to see and having a great team of professionals to take you there smoothly.

After (Bedroom)

After (Bedroom)

Before (Bedroom)

After (Living Room)

After (Living Room)

Before (Living Room)

Before (Living Room)

After (Kitchen)

Before (Kitchen)

It's what I do. I'm here to help you get your money!

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