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24-hour market update for Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties

Summer is around the corner with local schools getting ready for their break as soon as June 1.  Watch for families who are non-native born to be heading home for long periods of time over the break. Inventory...

What does it cost to buy a house in Silicon Valley? What about a condo? Find the average price of closed sales in the past 60 days below.

Welcome to San Francisco and Silicon Valley!  Today, our air quality index is 45 [1], meaning ozone levels are good, pollutant particulate matter is low and there are no health warnings for going outside.  You can jog, hike, bike, take your kids outside, and you can al...

These outperformers have shown stellar performance after their IPOs, all within the past 12 months. Six out of ten of these IPOs are from the United States.  Four are from California.

#1 Up 375.06% since September 26, 2017 IPO - TDH Holding - PETZ

Shandong Province...

As residents of Mountain View, my family finds ourselves frequenting places that have become our favorites.  We'd love to hear what your favorites are too, and why, in the comments.  Here's our family's number one.

Ristorante Don Giovanni - John Akka...

Here is the "got agent?" market report for Atherton, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Menlo Park and Portola Valley.  

Report highlights:

-The Westwind barn property is currently pending sale at an asking price of $28m+.  

-$620k is the least expensive pro...