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Sunset at Westwind Barn by D. W. Smith

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Horse and boy in California

One of my favorite shots of our son Reef at Westwind Barn.


Apricot orchard surround the Packard residence, home to co-founder of Hewlett Packard.

Westwind Barn Horses by D. W. Smith

Horses roam freely in the 15-acres of Westwind Barn.

Tucked quietly between Los Altos and acres and acres of open space lies the very prestigious Town of Los Altos Hills.  Once wheat farms and apricot orchards, Los Altos Hills is now one of the country's most affluent towns.  Land in Silicon Valley is sparse.  With Los Altos Hills' minimum lot size of one acre, it is a town where one can buy their privacy.


Being that Los Altos Hills has a ban on commercial zones, the only two commercial operations are the book store on the campus of Foothill College and the gift shop on the grounds of the Immaculate Heart Monastery of the Poor Clare Colettines.  The town does not have a post office or library.*  That being said, Los Altos Hills is home to some very influential members of C-Suites in the most successful tech companies of Silicon Valley.  As of May 31, 2018, Los Altos Hills was officially the wealthiest town in America.


Owners of property in Los Altos hills have an easement for public pathways. When you meet long-time owners, you'll hear stories of horses being ridden across the many paths in the hills.  The trails were designed to encourage non-vehicular travel through the town.


Los Altos Hills' weather is very pleasant year-around, and supported the orchards that used to dominate the landscape there.  

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Public Schools 

All of the Hills are in an unincorporated area and so is served by both the Palo Alto School District, in the most norther part of the town, and the Los Altos School District in the rest.  Either way, both school districts consistently rank in the best districts in the state.  

Westwind Barn

In 1976 the beautiful fifteen acre parcel was donated to the town.  Almost any iconic photo of Los Altos Hills consists somewhere of the beautiful Westwind Barn, including the one above.  It is a horse-boarding and training facility, as well as a wonderful place to watch sunset.


All photos by D. W. Smith


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