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Let's talk about selling your home.


When selling your home, presentation, marketing, price, and Realtor® all affect what you will finally receive for your home.  Choosing to work with experience helps ensure you have an expert in local issues, market trends, and legalities that are appropriate for your home.  


Getting an offer on your home is one thing.  Selling for the HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE, making sure the sale closes, with the least liability possible, is an art that involves experience, knowledge, skill, and relationships. The key to getting the most for your home is having a keen negotiator on your team.

I'm here, you're ready.  Let's just do it.


Call me now.

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The Selling Process..  Selling the Best


When selling the best, use only the best.

We'll be a team that works with all necessary members of the family who is selling.  We'll all communicate together and everyone will know the process and what is coming next.  We'll know what to expect and determine the outcome together to get you the HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE.


As  your Realtor®, I:

Assure that the preparation and sale of your home goes as expected;  

Communicate the process and the chronology of the sale;

Guide you through the array of paperwork;  

Am familiar with the financial implications of your sale;

Ensure you avoid any unnecessary liabilities;  

Negotiate the contract with uncanny skill;  

Prepare you for your next home;  

Make sure it all goes smoothly;


When we meet, it will be obvious how I stand out from other Realtors.  When it’s time to sell, you’ll start with an advantage.


My name is Deniece Watkins Smith, and I'm listening.

Let's figure out what your home is worth.

What is My Home Worth?

Every home is unique.  Every reason to sell is unique.  I'll work with you to be sure that we sell for the HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE for your situation.

With personal experience in real estate, both as a Realtor®, and as an ex-real estate appraiser, I have learned that logical value combined with emotional value is the only way to most closely arrive at a market value  for a home.


The logical value of a home is the value that can be concluded by comparing it to other homes statistically. This is the value that computer calculations may give a home.  It does not take into account a home’s appeal to one's emotions.  Logical value is used by banks as a basis for determining the risk they take in lending money on a home.


Not considering the emotional value of a property would be a big mistake. The emotional value is the value of the amazing curb appeal, the meticulous attention to detail the owners have taken, the home being the most beautiful compared to all others in its close vicinity, it smelling spic and span, the prestige of living in a great location, and more.  It's the value that appeals to the senses.  When you walk into a home that is on a better lot, is in a better section of the block, has well maintained neighbors, is cleaner, has a better floor plan, is updated with excellent taste, captures more natural light, and more, you understand that the home has more value than homes without those features. The inhabitants would feel more safe in it, more comfortable in it, more proud of it.  This emotional value plays the most important role for understanding a home's value and why some people pay more for certain homes than seems "logical".  A computer cannot take the emotional factors into consideration.


There must be a balance of both logical value and emotional value to arrive at a good estimate of market value.  The value that takes into consideration how great the home is, combined with the price it would make sense to pay when considering the home as an investment can be called the market value.  


In real estate terms, the market value of any one home is the price a Seller is willing to sell it for, and the price a Buyer is willing to pay.  Each home has its own story, or reason to sell.  Generalities are nice, but not commonly what concludes the final selling price of a home.


When you're ready to sell, I'll make your home as attractive as it can be, for the least cost, in the least time, with the least bother to you, then negotiate top dollar for your home. We'll make your home appeal to the senses of interested Buyers so you can sell it for the greatest amount possible.


Call me .

I'm at 650-483-2055 .


Let’s examine prices near you.

Prices in My City


Price trends vary.  It's not a question of only what homes near you have sold for recently, but also a question of what a Buyer can buy instead of your home.


When you work with me, I will work with you to see more specific detailed information about your local neighborhood and current sales, as well as thorough information about what Buyers are looking for and can buy instead of your home.  It will make perfect sense where to price your home to maximize your sale and result in the HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE for you.



Preparing My Home For Sale


First impressions are everything!


To prepare your home for marketing, I will discuss the options that work for you and look at how the competition stacks up to you.  We will discuss costs and budget.  We will work within time frames that are advantageous to you.  My "got agent?" process is so clear and transparent that it becomes enjoyable for you.  See the many referrals I have specific to preparation and budgeting to know you cannot get a better partnership when selling your home.


There are relationships that I have created over time to make the process most efficient for you.  The best vendors money can buy are part of my team.


Pricing My Home

Price it right the first time.  Price your home correctly and it will sell for maximum dollar.  Having gone through several cycles in Silicon Valley working in real estate for more than 20 years now I have learned that the worst thing a Seller can do is overprice and "ride the market down".


I will discuss with you a current market value of your home based on facts, not on "trust me".  I will show you information where you will see how the value we arrive at for pricing your home will be substantiated and logical.


You will see how a trustworthy Realtor® like me is worth her weight in gold.


Then we will move confidently towards selling your home, not leaving any money on the table and finding your next one together.

Let's do it!  It'll be fun!


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Ready to talk?  So am I! 650-483-2055

What is My Home Worth
Prices in My City
Home Preparation
Pricing My Home
The Selling Process
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