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Apple Campus in Sunnyvale

Just South of Mountain View lies the mostly residential City of Sunnyvale, CA.  With a population estimate of 152,703 per the 2019 census data, Sunnyvale is the second most populous city in Santa Clara County, after San Jose.  


Sunnyvale is the birthplace of the video game industry, former location of Atari headquarters.  Many tech companies are headquartered in Sunnyvale.  It is also home to several aerospace/defense companies.  Apple, Linkedin, Google, Walmart Labs and 23andMe all have a huge presence in Sunnyvale, with Google having bought more than 70 properties in Sunnyvale over the last five years.

Public Safety

A fun note about Sunnyvale is that it is one of few U.S. cities to have a single unified Department of Public Safety, where all personnel are trained as firefighters, police officers, and EMTs, so that they can respond to an emergency in any of the three roles.


They call it Sunnyvale for a reason!  Average weather temperature year-round in Sunnyvale is in the mid 60's fahrenheit. 


Covering a total of 22.7 square miles (58.8 square kilometers).  It's elevation is 130 feet above sea level.


Sunnyvale has one of the area's best-ranked elementary schools, Cherry Chase.  While some other schools in the district are not as highly ranked, there is huge demand for Cherry Chase elementary.

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