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My name is Deniece,

I'm listening.

You'll buy it..if...


When I represent you, you'll have every opportunity possible to have the "if's" in your contract.  Meaning, if you have a loan, you may get a loan contingency.  Imagine this:  I'll buy your home, Mr. and Mrs. Seller, "if" the appraisal comes in at or above the asking price.  That "if" is the contingency.

There are many places where contingencies are possible within the contract.  However, because Silicon Valley historically has multiple offers on homes, there will be situations where having contingencies will hurt your ability to be the accepted offer..unless you have a phenomenal negotiator on your side.  

Good news is, I'm right here.

So let's assume your offer is accepted, and you have removed all of the "if's".  At this point, your concern will be with funding the purchase and transferring ownership from the seller's name to yours.  We call that process

escrow and title.

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