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Protect your investment


As a homeowner, it will be very important for you to maintain your home or even improve it to ensure you keep its highest value.  See below for some suggested videos about home maintenance.  My Team is always here to help.


It is prudent to create a home maintenance schedule and budget and set aside money each month for projects. (i.e. Roof every 30 years, paint every 5 years, heating system checkup every 2 years, plumbing checkup every 7 years, etc.)


Choosing not to take care of your home can lead to deferred maintenance which can be much more costly than a routine schedule of improvements and maintenance.

When remodeling your home or upgrading your home, kitchens, bathrooms, and landscaping (especially in the front) tend to get the most return on the money invested.

Changing batteries in a smoke detector
Changing heater and air conditioner filters
Cleaning your rain gutters
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