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Funding and changing ownership


Escrow refers to the monies that get transferred between the Buyer and Seller and any pertinent vendors to close the sale.

Title refers to the process of changing the ownership from the Seller's name to the Buyer's name.

County Norms and Customs

(Pertaining to Escrow and Title Fees)


Title is whose name belongs to the property and at how much of an interest.  See this .pdf  by Chicago Title Company about 8 common ways to hold title in California.

*When my clients have an opportunity to choose, I suggest they work with Dawn McCahan from Chicago Title in Los Altos.  Dawn has years of experience.  Using her company's website, the links below will give you lots of information regarding escrow and title.


Escrow: What each party does    Title insurance info


Escrow terms and phrases           What is escrow?

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