My name is Deniece,

I'm listening.


Use only the best


I create a transition from one part of your life, to the next.   

I do not take my career lightly.


As  your Realtor®, I:

Assure that the preparation and sale of your home goes as expected;  

Communicate the process and the chronology of the sale; Guide you through the array of paperwork;  

Am familiar with the financial implications of your sale; Ensure you avoid any unnecessary liabilities;  

Negotiate the contract with uncanny skill;  

Prepare you for your next home;  

And make sure it all goes smoothly.


When we meet, it will be obvious how I stand out from other Realtor®s.  When it’s time to sell, you’ll start with an advantage.


My name is Deniece Watkins Smith, and I'm listening.

Let's figure out what your home is worth.

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1377 El Camino Real

Menlo Park, CA  94025


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