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What is an "Intelligent Agent?"

Typically used as a term in Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Agent refers to an automated program that "can make decisions or perform a service based on its environment, user input and experiences."  They can be used to "gather information on a regular, programmed schedule or when prompted by the user in real time."

An Intelligent Agent searches all or some part of the internet, gathers information the user is interested in and presents it to them on a periodic or requested basis."

"Common characteristics of intelligent agents are adaptation based on experience, real time problem solving, analysis of error or success rates and the use of memory-based storage and retrieval."

"Consumers can also use intelligent agents to compare the prices of similar products and notify the user when.." an .."update occurs."

Deniece is a "Learning Agent", categorized as such based upon her range of capabilities and degree of intelligence. She has the ability to gradually improve and become more knowledgeable about an environment over time through a learning element, an element that uses feedback to determine how performance elements should be changed to improve gradually.  The "Learning Agent" is considered the most developed Intelligent Agent.

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