My Service Promise to You

My name is Deniece,

I'm listening.

Not just anyone can make selling your home enjoyable, profitable and efficient.  Service from beginning to end is what differentiates Realtors.  I offer full-service real estate with nothing missed.  As your agent, this is my promise to you:


  1. To sell your home for the HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE.

  2. To listen to your needs.

  3. To negotiate the best transaction terms and price for you.

  4. To surpass your expectations.

  5. To communicate clearly about each aspect of your sale and how it can affect you.

  6. To use the best team to help you smoothly prepare your property for sale.

  7. To be available to you when you need me.

  8. To utilize the best marketing techniques.

  9. To maximize use of current technology as it benefits your home.

  10. To provide feedback and results of marketing efforts.

  11. To take advantage of the best network of fellow agents.

  12. To understand the contracts inside and out.

  13. To be familiar with current real estate laws.

  14. To employ class on your behalf as to continue an excellent reputation.

  15. To protect you and educate you legally.

  16. To maintain an impeccable transaction file.

  17. To congratulate you as you sell or buy your home in an area where only a small percentage of the population can afford a home!

  18. To be the best agent you know now and for the rest of your life!

  19. To provide the same excellent service to anyone who you refer to me.


I take my career seriously.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

I am Deniece Smith and I’m listening.