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When someone takes the time to write about their experience with me, it’s the greatest compliment I can get. Hear what some of my wonderful clients have had to say. I am here to provide you with the best Selling and Buying experience. –Deniece

Deniece Watkins Smith is a long time associate of ours. She has successfully transacted a number of real estate purchases/sales, with amazing acuity and tenacity. She excels in accurate market assessment, energetic execution of the sales process, and attention to detail. She has a strong knowledge of the market, and keeps current with trends and conditions. She is responsive, articulate, savvy, and congenial. But do not misconstrue her congeniality for strength in the negotiating arena; she is a closer.

Brian and Sandra C.

Bought / Sold / Bought / Sold - Los Altos / Menlo Park / Portola Valley

Our recent real estate transaction with Deniece Watkins Smith, of Coldwell Banker exceeded our expectations. Her negotiation skills are just outstanding. She initially helped us buy a house for under asking price, in Woodside, and then helped us sell our house, in Los Altos, for way above asking price. That, in itself, is just amazing! She knew exactly what was needed in order to get our house prepared in order to get the most for our house. She arranged and monitored interior painting, and full staging, along with a thousand other small details, that really added up in the end. She kept us on track, and made sure everything went smoothly.

Deniece has a happy and upbeat personality, which makes working with her a pleasure. Dealing with her was a pleasure.

John and Kathy K.

Sold - Los Altos

Deniece is a very intelligent individual with abundant energy to motivate herself and others. She is clever and smart with a great sense of humor. Her industry knowledge is solid. As my mentor she was genuinely interested in my learning and success. She was readily willing to share her time, her knowledge, her experience, and tips and tricks of the industry. Deniece and I partnered during my first sales, and in the role of my partner she guided me through the various parts of the transactions while I was moving from shared responsibility to sole responsibility. Deniece has since remained a good friend and a valued colleague. I continue to seek her opinion and feedback on real estate and business matters to this day! I can warmly recommend Deniece as coach or mentor to others in this field.

Suzanne Bohl, Realtor


Deniece brokered the recent sale of our home in Los Altos and I would recommend her enthusiastically to others. Her approach was to get initial inspection reports to discover all the potential issues that could impact the sale of our home and to have them corrected before we hit the market. This meant that potential buyers were confident that the price they were offering was the total price they would pay and made the home really pop during realtor tour and open house. Her team of contractors did the work in a timely and cost-effective manner and did excellent quality work. After offers were received she worked diligently and tirelessly to close the sale. This was the third time we chose Deniece for real estate transactions and we would do so again.

Jeff E.

Sold / Bought / Sold - Sunnyvale / Los Altos

Deniece was referred to us by another realtor whom we trust to assist selling our townhouse. From the first meeting until the end she was very professional and proactive. The place closed in 28 days from when it went on the market for top price at the time with all contingencies removed. She has since assisted a friend sell his mothers house and also did a great job. I would recommend her to anyone looking to sell or buy in the bay area.

Steve N. and Lynn R.

Sold - Saratoga

We are first time home buyers. Deniece was extremely patient and knowledgeable. She took the time to get to know what it would take to make us comfortable. She made sure we understood each step and explained the benefits and liabilities of each property. She researched other properties in the area to see how they might affect our home value in the future. She helped us with inspections and made sure that sellers met their responsibilities to us. She found many options for us to look at and had patience wandering with us through properties that we found. We always felt that her main concern was to get us a home that we could afford, now and in the future. We have a lovely home that meets all of our needs and we are certain it is a good investment.

Christine and Michael W.

Bought - Half Moon Bay

Deniece helped me buy my first home in Mountain View. I told her what I wanted and she found exactly what I was looking for. Since that first purchase in 2001, I have used Deniece to buy and sell several more properties, in Palo Alto, and in Sunnyvale. She tells me when something I’m looking at may not be a great investment. She knows the contract very well and makes sure that I’m as protected as possible when I enter into contract. I have used her to sell my properties and buy them as well. She knows how to get a property ready for the market in the most cost efficient way. Her technical ability is a great benefit to me as a Seller. She cares very much for me as her client. You can tell she’s not in it just for her own paycheck. I’d recommend her as a smart, knowledgeable agent for anyone! She’s really great!

Arsenio F.

Bought / Sold / Bought / Sold / Bought / Sold / Bought - Mountain View / Sunnyvale / Palo Alto / Campbell

Aaron and I want to thank you for everything you have done for us. We appreciate your hard work, dedication and aggressive strategy in getting us the best price in this volatile market. You made our experience enjoyable, and most importantly successful. We didn’t only gain a beautiful house but also a lifelong friend. You are FABULOUS. We will refer you to all of our family and friends.

Aaron B. and Sanit K.

Bought - Redwood Shores

I wholeheartedly recommend Deniece Watkins Smith. I have no doubt that her experience, skills and talent played a big hand in my first offer being accepted when I purchased my first place, even though there were multiple offers and my bid was not the very highest. As other people have mentioned as well, her insight and recommendations are sound and always smart. She’s a natural in this industry, with the right blend of savvy, people skills, negotiating skills, ability to listen and to educate, and understanding and compassion – all the things you want and need in a Realtor.

Helen H.

Bought - Mountain View

As you’ve done so much excellent work for us, I just wanted to thank you again personally and let you know that I will continue to, and have had the pleasure of recommending you to everyone I meet within real estate. I say real estate (and not ‘house hunters/sellers’) because your network expands so much further beyond that, and as you showed us on our apartment (and with our family’s vacation home), you always know who to call.

Thank you so much from me and my entire family. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, and we consider ourselves lucky to have you as our agent.

Andreas and Michelle H.

Bought / Bought - Mountain View / Mountain View

You have been excellent in all regards, exceeding our expectations for real estate professionals and becoming, in the process, a good friend. And that is probably the best outcome we could have imagined. Working with you we bought low and sold high and we’re very happy campers. We like your style, your energy and your sense of humor. I cannot imagine a more pleasant real estate transaction. I drive by homes that are for sale. When I don’t see your name on their sign, I feel sorry for them.”

Deborah E.

Bought / Sold / Bought - Los Altos / San Mateo

Deniece provided us with a very professional and dedicated buying experience. She was always available, on-time for our needs. She never rushed us into a decision, and encouraged us to go slowly and maturely into the negotiation process. We did benefit from that approach of doing business. She was very, very, savvy in the usage of technology, which assisted us in communicating and reviewing properties rapidly on-line. I wish every one the same customer experience as we had with Deniece.

Ike and Helene Z.

Bought / Sold - Mountain View

It is with overwhelming gratitude that I write to you today to thank you for your support and guidance in helping us find the perfect home for our family. The move from Chicago to the bay area was one of the most stressful events for all of us. Not only did we have to adjust to the cultural changes of the West Coast, and these changes are significant, but also our daughters had to adjust to new high schools. The price of homes in the bay area was shocking and it was daunting to attempt to buy a home in an acceptable school district.

We had worked with other Realtors but we felt that they were not being up front with us. When I met you at the rental property I immediately felt that you were honest and straightforward. You gave us guidance at that time and we knew we had found someone who understood our situation. Throughout the process of house hunting you kept us focused on what we had to do and calmed our nerves during some very difficult times. It was even fun searching for a home with you; from Belmont to Cupertino you showed us the good, the bad, the ugly and the ostentatious. I think that the fact that you grew up in the area gives you an added perspective in helping people with children, especially teens. When we were having great difficulty and experiencing setbacks, your patience supported us. We could not be happier! We all love our home.

It is so beautiful and it has all of the items from our wish list. The neighbors are wonderful! They are very friendly and helpful. It is great living in a neighborhood with such warmth, and I frankly believed I would never find that out here. Perhaps one of the best things about our move to this area is that the kids love it. My high school student is absolutely flourishing at her new school. The school fosters creativity and seems balanced in its educational goals. My other daughter also has adjusted smoothly to her middle school. My other two children have adjusted well also and I feel that I fit into the area too. It has been easy to make new friends and living here has helped me adjust to the cultural change. Dave and I highly recommend you as a Realtor. Your are knowledgeable, and you respond to the emotional components of purchasing a home. And now you are also experienced with the Stanford housing program! I know that you went above and beyond what most realtor’s would do for a client and the fact is that I do not believe we would have this home if you had not worked so hard. Like the obstetrician assisting a particularly difficult birth, we are the proud owners of the perfect home for us! Thanks Doc!!

Dave and Marilyn Y.

Bought - Sunnyvale

Deniece has been excellent to work with. She’s very aggressive in working on behalf of her clients’ interests. She’s always available and extremely knowledgeable about Mountain View-Los Altos areas. Our house was effectively staged and marketed by Deniece. The only mistakes we’ve made were not taking her advice in some small areas – I hate it, but she’s been right on every time.We also purchased the home through her and there was nothing during the purchasing process of the home I would change. She’s handled things very well for us.

I think very highly of Deniece and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Donn K. - Managing Lender

Bought / Sold / Bought / Sold - Mountain View

Having just entered into my fifth real estate transaction with you, I thought it was time to let you know how much I appreciate your expertise. You have listed two of my homes successfully in the past, negotiated excellent terms and closed the escrows smoothly on both. You have also represented me as my Buyer’s agent, as of this transaction, three times.


Each time you have helped me, you have researched and communicated with me until I am very comfortable with my decisions. This time is no different.

As you know, I was recently in a 1031 exchange. It was over the holidays, when time was limited and precious. This was my first transaction out of the area and I felt just as comfortable relying on your knowledge and resources there as I do in the Mountain View and Los Altos areas.

You made it easy by keeping me informed of all the details as you got them regarding the best areas for me to invest in.You researched properties all over California for me from Palm Springs to Lake Tahoe. You took the time to actually go to the places I wasconsidering, including the Central Coast, the Central Valley, the Sacramento area, and the East Bay. You encouraged me to continue looking until I found something I was happy with. And you dedicated your time to me when I needed it.You always come through for me, even when it is a more difficult situation. As you know, I have recommended you to several of my close friends who have bought and sold homes successfully with you. Thank you for all you have done for me and my friends. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Jeffrey M.

Bought / Sold / Bought / Sold / Bought - Mountain View / Los Altos / Discovery Bay

You have facilitated one of the most pivotal moments of our lives and we will never forget you for that. (Not that we’d forget you EVER anyways.) We just want you to know that we are TRULY grateful for what you have done for us, both in the events of today and in the benefits you provide as an exceptional professional and a generous friend. We are SO excited about 556 Chiquita. I do feel good about this purchase, which I didn’t anticipate in this market. Thank you again Deniece. This is a day in our book as a big one. You are a big part of it. Love and thank yous.

Brian and Karyn M.

Bought - Mountain View

Nohemy and I just wanted to thank you for helping us getting our new home. We are so happy because our first house is just the one we wanted. You were great throughout the whole process, from explaining us the steps, recommending us a great lender, finding answers for us on all the properties we ask you about, and not only recommending us which houses to buy, but which ones NOT to. In the end, you made the process much easier for us.

We mostly appreciate your warmth and energy, and hope to grow our friendship in the coming years. And we definitely look forward to future transactions with you.

Reinaldo and Nohemy G.

Bought / Sold / Bought - Mountain View

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