Los Altos used to be an agricultural town with apricot orchards, some of which still exist, like the ones by Los Altos town hall.  The summer cottages had mostly been replaced by ranch-style homes between the 1950's and 1980's.  Now, you'll see some very large, architecturally diverse homes taking place of the ranchers, owned by some of tech's wealthiest, thanks to Los Altos' location in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. 


Los Altos is home to just under 31,000 residents, with very high median household income ($208,309 as of 2017).


Los Altos has a quaint downtown with shops and restaurants. Residents near and far come for Los Altos' several festivals per year, including the Los Altos Art  and Wine Festival, Art in the Park, and the downtown Los Altos pet parade. The downtown area is also home to many of Los Altos' condos or townhomes, with the rest of the city majority dedicated to single-family homes.


Great weather? Yes!  Los Altos's temperature fluctuates between 58 and 78 degrees fahrenheit or 14.4 and 25.5 degrees celsius.  Average annual rainfall is 15.71 inches or 39.90 centimeters.  Los Altos is a fantastic place to plan outdoor activities year-round.

Redwood Grove Nature Preserve by D. W. Smith


Los Altos hosts several very nice restaurants.  While the southern area of the city has a couple, they are mainly in the downtown area.  Because of the weather you may see patrons eating indoors or outdoors all year around. 

Public Schools

Los Altos is home of some of the best schools in the state of California. Many homeowners move to Los Altos solely for the schools.


Los Altos is home to over twelve parks including the Redwood Grove Nature Preserve, its own mini Muir Woods.  (Photo above.)