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Welcome to San Francisco and Silicon Valley!  Today, our air quality index is 45 [1], meaning ozone levels are good, pollutant particulate matter is low and there are no health warnings for going outside.  You can jog, hike, bike, take your kids outside, and you can al...

These outperformers have shown stellar performance after their IPOs, all within the past 12 months. Six out of ten of these IPOs are from the United States.  Four are from California.

#1 Up 375.06% since September 26, 2017 IPO - TDH Holding - PETZ

Shandong Province...

August 25, 2017

Today, Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen spoke at the Federal Reserve's annual symposium at Jackson Hole.  Yellen said that the need for post financial crisis regulatory changes was indisputable after near failure of the financial system.  She argued that benefits of a stron...

May 17, 2017

Good morning. If there's going to be an increase in job growth in the U.S., here's how it's going to happen, according to Fung Group Chairman Victor Fung, who leads the Hong Kong-based middleman between Western retailers and manufacturers in China. The need to develop...

There were less than two months inventory available on average at any given time in San Mateo County for Q1, causing for multiple bids and average sale prices exceeding the asking price throughout the entire quarter both for condos and for single family homes. This is...

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